approach to true healing

Here at Milk + Honey Holistic Healing, we have the pleasure of facilitating the deepest health in people ranging from the newborns that are hours old to the most wise and seasoned adults.

No doctor or healthcare practitioner is a healer. We are just facilitators in your healing journey.

I do not intend on treating or diagnosing any symptoms or diseases.

I will make my best recommendations based on feedback from your body, and it is up to you to decide what to do with those recommendations.

My purpose is to aid in your truest, deepest healing by facilitating the reconnection of you and the understanding of your body.

You were uniquely and specifically designed by our Creator with the most powerful Innate Intelligence and limitless healing potential. You have all of the information you need built right inside of you.

The sole goal of Milk + Honey is to teach you how to hear what your body has been working hard to tell you all along - and to educate you, empower you in doing so. YOU are unique, you heal uniquely from any other person who may have a similar condition, and you deserve to know how intricately, powerfully, and wonderfully you are made.

There are a number underlying components to every symptom, disease, pathology, label, limit (whatever you call it) that exists in our world. Nothing you are feeling is ever “just in your head.” It is ALL very real, very present, and can be very frustrating - especially when no one seems to have the answers you are seeking. These components can be summed up into three main categories:

  • Structural

  • Chemical

  • Emotional

Last but not least, here are some of the techniques I love to use to educate, recommend, and re-connect you with knowing what your body needs and wants:

  • Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Testing - Identifies Structural, Chemical, and Emotional

  • Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) - Identifies Emotional

    • Asks your body specific questions using muscle testing to identify and release emotional events that have manifested as oftentimes unexplained physical issues within your body

    • You do not need to know what these emotional events are ahead of time, as the process uncovers that very specifically

    • Your body will only allow and be open to whatever your subconscious knows you are ready for - we have layers like artichokes

    • You are not required to say or confirm anything out loud as I can just facilitate the muscle testing to give you more information, although talking through it out loud can be very helpful

  • NAET Allergy and Sensitivity - Identifies Chemical and Emotional

    • Identifies specific sensitivities of all levels through the use of muscle testing, and non-invasively eliminates food, environmental, pet, autoimmune, hormonal dysfunction (almost anything you can think of) by using feedback from your own body to re-organize the information within it

    • 20 minute session to give neuro- and bio-feedback to your body

    • Avoid recommended allergen/sensitivity for 25 hours afterwards

  • Emotion Code - Identifies Structural and Emotional

    • Asks your body specific questions using muscle testing to identify both personal and inherited emotions (likely unknown and subconscious until brought to the surface)

    • Releases emotional events that have physically or energetically manifested within your body so that you can feel and function at your best

  • Quantum Coaching

    • Helps you better understand your body on all levels - true healing comes with understanding



Structural misalignments or dysfunction can occur in our body from multiple causes, whether that be from the seemingly small things like sitting at your desk or behind the wheel all day, standing on hard surfaces for hours on end, or carrying groceries (I always try to make it all in one trip haha!) - to the more obvious big structural traumas in our lives like sports injuries, skiing or car accidents, and concussions.

It is important to maintain your body structurally because there is purpose behind every part of you. When something in your body is not aligned quite right, your body is so intelligent that it does whatever it can to make it right. This often results in your body laying down calcium and more bone in an area, which can cause limited ranges of motion, and ultimately results in various severities of degeneration. It is preventable and you are capable of keeping your joints young and alive for your ENTIRE life. Age is JUST a number!

Not only does keeping your structure optimum help you to move better and feel better, but it houses and maintains the pathways in which your brain communicates with the rest of your body. Pretty important right? Your brain and body communicating well with each other is essential in living and healing to your fullest.

Dr. Danae will assess if there may be structural issues for you individually, and will give her best recommendation of what to do about that. Again, remember that we are not treating or diagnosing anything, just simply providing you with the information that your body craves for you to know.


Many chemical issues inevitably arise in the world that we live in - whether that be chemical imbalances in reacting to certain foods, environmental factors, our furry friends, hormones being way off from where they ideally would be, autoimmune (reactions to your own self and body) or even other people. Yes you heard that right.

Chemical imbalance/sensitivity/allergy within your body can vary widely from the smallest sensitivity that you may not even notice to the most severe anaphylactic reactions. We can eat well, drink well, sleep well, workout frequently - do all of the “right” things, but why are so many “healthy” people still sensitive or allergic to so many things like gluten, corn, grass, pets, their own thyroid, and even random things like avocados and pheromones (hormones given off from being around other people).

The answer is: we are not designed to be. We are designed to function highly, live our lives as full as possible, and vibrate our own frequency and energetic field so greatly that nothing else can even touch us. No, we will never be perfect. No, gluten and corn syrup and sketchy by-products of real foods will never be good for us. Yes, we will always have to actively and intentionally maintain our health if we want to stay at the most optimum healing and living level. But it’s worth it, right? We are designed for more.


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Overlooked way way too often, but in my opinion and experience - emotional and mental health is by far the most important and most impactful in our healing journeys. We can oftentimes be hard on ourselves for not understanding why we can’t seem to let things go, or trust that everything will work out. Many of us put so much pressure on ourselves for much-needed self- and personal-development, and then wonder why we have such a ridiculously hard time following through.

Emotional events can manifest in so many ways in our individual lives. These can range from feeling the slightest to most extreme physical pain (even heart attacks in some cases) to holding us back from the job promotion we’ve been working hard for, new clients, new opportunities, or even the relationship of our dreams.

Working through, identifying, and releasing emotional events from our past does not make them ok - it helps our bodies better process release the captivity they have on us. Whether that be inherited, or personal experiences, we are capable of experiencing healing from it all.